Thursday, January 14, 2010

my first Mutnomah!

I finished and blocked my first Multnomah shawlette and am very happy with the results. Although I wish I had used bigger needles so that the final result was bigger. Next time, next time...

pattern: Multnomah
needles: size 3
yarn: 1 skein wabi sabi yarns Tallulah Sock
12 repeats
finished size: 44" x 16"

I was *really* burning out by the end of the pattern and just wanted to get it over with, but now I want to knit another! But I think I'll knit an Aestlight first. I have a hot pink yarn just in mind for it. :D


  1. Thank you, Georgia! Although I really need to get a warm tannish background to photograph against. That grey background is doing nothing for it. :/

  2. It's so beautiful! Really shows off your beautiful yarn!!!

  3. That's so beautiful! I've been wanting to knit that pattern - maybe next, after my third Ishbel is finished. I found you through a rav forum and have subscribed; your blog is really lovely.

  4. Thanks Brenda and Lori! I really appreciate the kind feedback.

    My blog is a little in disarray at the moment due to my old flickr pics and account disappearing, but hopefully will look more tidy as the weeks and months go on. :)

  5. Stunning beyond words!!! I love it and you now have inspired me to give this pattern a try.