Saturday, March 7, 2009

Need your input into my store update revisions

I've been getting some feedback lately that customers are having a real hard time picking up fiber during my updates and are becoming a bit frustrated. I don't blame them. Etsy's system of putting something in your cart and the probability of that item being snatched up by someone else before checkout is not the best. So there are a few possible solutions I am mulling over.

1. Dyeing up a higher quantity of the colorways I think might be popular for the updates
-currently I only dye 2 of each colorway and I am thinking of bumping this up to 4 or 6.

2. In addition to having one main update (Thursday at 5pm MST), also posting fiber to Etsy randomly throughout the week.
- I figure this could give people an equal opportunity at getting the fiber.

3. Having two updates per week with about 30 rovings per update.
- not sure about this one. It might be nice to have two updates instead of one, but would it really give people a better chance at fiber and less frenzy? One update of 60 pieces or two updates of 30?

4. Creating a Fiber Club which will enable anyone who wants to pick up some of my fiber to do so.
- I think this could be very helpful to buyers. Maybe a month by month club or a 3-month club?

I would love to have some feedback over the options or combination of options. I really want to come up with a solution that would satisfy buyers so any input would be greatly appreciate.

Time to start my Saturday now. Walking the dogs, packing and mailing orders, dyeing, and then some highly anticipated catch-up on my fave programs. This weekend I need to catch up on Lost, Survivor, 30 Rock, The Office, and a week's worth of The Daily Show and the Colbert report. Phew! Thank goodness for no long commercials on the internet playbacks.

Have a good one everyone!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

a better morning

after 5 days of this dog not being able to get up on her own and looking in so much pain that the vet agrees it's the end of the road, she wakes up just fine and dandy this morning. not that i'm complaining. it's not the first time she's fooled me. just when i think it's time to put her out of her misery, she comes back. my family jokes that she must know what's coming and pulls herself together just in time to avoid the needle. i love this dog so much, so she can keep faking me out all she wants.

a day of dyeing in store for today.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


grueling day. at the vet yet again with the dog this morning. it's looking like she's going to have to be put down soon. pushing the update back a day because i let my emotions get the best of me today. update planned for friday 7pm est. off to sleep...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twitter has taken over my life

at least for the last 48 hours.

i go through these phases of enjoying social networking and then needing my space from it. right now i'm back to enjoying it. i had no idea how big our fiber community really is and it's been really interesting seeing all the different work people are doing. tres cool.

i'm still waiting on my fiber to arrive. dum-di-dum-dummmmm. i'm so short on fiber that i don't even have any at this point to spin for myself. i don't know what to doooooooo with myself which might account for how much time i've been spending a'twittering.

luna, my oooooooooold dog is still hanging in there, although she has an infection being treated by antibiotics. i have a feeling that these antibiotics may be interfering with her arthritis meds because she has been very wobbly for the past few days and having difficulty getting up. :( i can't wait for this round of antibiotics to be FINISHED.

76 degrees here today. Cray-zay!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i've been a bad, bad blogger

it's been so long since i've been here that i forgot how to post. seriously, i had to search around for the "post" link.

i dyed up the last of my fiber a few days ago and am getting antsy. i really want to dye, dye, dye, but nothing left to dye but some firestar. guess i'll do that today. my bumps of fiber should be arriving next week, so until then i will enjoy my time spinning.

not much else going on. i will be taking a leave of absence in mid-April, so will be trying to stock my store until then, and will not be uploading any more fiber after that until April, May, and/or June.

hmmmm, bagels sound good right about now.

oh, also I am now Twittering. I am PoppyFlowerFibr over there.