Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pigs in blankets. Yuuuuuuummmmeeeeee!

While I was grabbing a few things at the grocery this morning, these beautimous things caught my eye.

pigs in blankets

I'm not even a wiener eater, but they were so hard to resist.  I seriously almost bought them.  It was pathetic.  I stood there, in the frozen food aisle, gazing with a loving-yet-perplexed expression upon my face.  Oh, the crazy 70's memories they brought back.  I used to love these as a little kid, and looked forward to them at all the *fancy* gatherings.  I just could not believe I had been reunited with them right here in 2007!!  But, I resisted.  I left them there alone, in the Safeway, where they will probably be for quite some time.  But it has not curbed my newly ignited obsession.  I have found a non-meaty wieney recipe for pigs in blankets and they WILL be mine, dammit!

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