Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You can't judge a batt by it's cover.

So, I made 3 batts for a total of 3 ounces of fiber. They consisted of deep plum, hot pink, lavender, and pale peach merino, blended with hand-painted tussah silk and pieces of orange sari silk. The resulting batts were not the most beautiful things to look at, but I had high hopes. So I spun them into a single yarn yesterday, 238 yards, mostly worsted/slightly thick and thin, and I LOVE it! The sari silk added some texture and I spun it woolen so that it is nice and fuzzy. I have plans to knit this into a hat and look forward to seeing how the colors separate and blend as knit up.

My creation

And here is a batt for a little project I am working on. It's yak down blended with hand-painted tussah silk. I made a quick batt, spun it, plied it, and am going to do a wet finish on it before knitting up a swatch. I want to knit up a yak hat for a special friend, but since I've never spun yak before I decided it best to do some experimenting first. Here is a photo of the yak/tussah batt. It's pretty simple but it just looks sooooo luxurious to me, and spins up BEAUTIFULLY. I will post photos of the spun yarn once I wet finish it.

yak and hand-painted tussah silk batt

Spinning makes me smile.  =o)

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