Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sad day, no wheel

Today I was expecting my new wheel...a Majacraft Alpaca. I sold my Lendrum last week, and it's already been 1 week without a wheel. Unfortunately, my Majacraft arrived scratched and damaged due to a faulty packing job from the retailer. So, I have to ship this one back to the seller and then they will order me one to be drop shipped directly from Majacraft. I'm pretty bummed because I am itching to spin and *need* to spin up some yarn in order to knit up some holiday gifts. But now my new wheel won't arrive for at least 3 weeks. =o( Woe is me. Yes, there are much worse things in life, but I am sad that I do not have my wheel.

On a good note, I will be receiving the new black wheel that Majacraft just began manufacturing for the Suzie Pro and Alpaca. At first I did not want the black wheel which is why I ordered from a retailer that had a green one in stock. But why the hell not...a black wheel it will be. And maybe I'll even be the cool kid on the block for a while with the new black Alpaca wheel. Oh, to be the cool kid if even for just one day....

So, this is what the black Alpaca wheel will look like. I think it's growing on me:

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