Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Since it's the 1st of the new year, I guess I should post a little something.

No pics to show. Woke up to -1 degree temps, but it's warmed up to 7 degrees now.

Life is good. 2007 was amazing for me. So much change in the direction I wanted to go. A feeling of peace, happiness, and gratitude for being able to make a living at doing what I love to do. It has not been without it's struggles, especially some of the years leading up to 2007 (2006 was rough!), but overall it was freakin' stellar!

I am very excited about 2008. I have bigggggg plans for this year. I will be the auntie to twin babies...very exciting! It's easy to be the aunt. Not so sure I'd want to be the mom. I am fortunate enough to live in the same town as Naropa, the only Buddhist university in the U.S. with an absolutely amazing curriculum. I'd like to take a few classes there as I am practicing mindfulness more and more. Not an easy endeavor for this multi-tasker. I will be going more raw...raw veggie foods. I always feel better when I am eating more raw and have begun my journey back in that direction over the last week. And I'm going to take a trip to the deep South to visit some dear, dear friends from my past. Friends I have known for at least 15 years and feel even closer to now than the cherished days we spent together.

I am going on my 3rd year here in Boulder and am just as grateful now as I was on the very first day I found this magical place. I feel so fortunate to beeeeeee here, despite the sometimes ridiculously cold temps. But it's Colorado. Colorado, snow, cold. Desert, hot, sand. Complaining that there's too much snow and cold in Colorado is like complaining that there's too much sand and heat in the desert. That's just the way it is.

Happy New Year everyone!  Hoping that it surpasses 2007 in its joy, peace, and prosperity.

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