Friday, January 18, 2008

Store update

I posted a teeny tiny update today of some BFL and Superwash Merino roving. These were dyed last week when I had the "blues" but for some unknown reason I used a lot of green. Maybe I was channeling Kermit.

Here are a few pics of some of the rovings I dyed up.

I'm working on getting my batt mojo back. I made one a few days ago that I didn't like and had to stop myself before I wasted any more precious fiber.

I've also got some pretty locks to upload, but my battery charger died and my camera batteries are dead. I have some on order and cannot upload any pics until then. =o(

Other than that, life is rolling right along. Dogs are good. My blues have passed. I'm eating 100% raw vegan once again which helps my mood and helps me to feel happy. Heard my neighbor doing god knows what this morning (I think ya know what I mean) which I'm still trying to shake off. And it's Friday! Yaaaay!

Over and out.

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