Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Big Fat roving update

So last night, after rushing around like bunny on speed, I finally updated my Etsy store with some 30+ rovings. I also added some absolutely decadent Superwash Merino/SEACELL batts!!

Here's a sampling of some of the items available at my

cherry chocolata reduxparody
cocoa skycrazy daisy
liquid sky reduxvino
tropicana bananano red hats

And then, finally, some Superwash Merino and Seacell batts! This stuff is sooooo soft and the sheen is just right. Love it!!!

70/30 Supewash Merino/Seacell batts

Come on by and have a look!

I'm off for the weekend. Going out of town for a brief respite, but will be back in time for a batt update scheduled for Tuesday night.



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