Saturday, July 18, 2009

doggie update

I spent several hours at the specialty vet clinic with Poppy yesterday. She was thoroughly examined by an internal medicine doc, had more x-rays taken, more blood work, and sent home with a month's worth of antibiotics and pain meds while they try and figure out what is causing her pain, fever, lethargy, and lameness. They seem to think it is some kind of "disease", but unsure of which system it is affecting. Could be neurological, muscular, bone, tumor, or other. If the blood tests do not reveal anything she will have to undergo an MRI, CT scan, or surgical consult. Hoping for the best...

As far as dyeing goes, I am currently working on my new line of sock yarn which is very exciting. Layers and layers of rich colors. It's a nice change of pace working with squishy, bouncy sock yarn. I also have some tencel/merino, and superfine merino combed top to dye up.

So that's the scoop du jour. Not much of a scoop. I'm sure a scoop of ice cream would be way better.

Time to do some houseworky stuff.

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