Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today's Poppy scoop

Talked to the vet again today and she believes that an MRI is imperative and needing to be done within the next 48 hours. They are aware of my current financial struggles and are allowing me to put down a down payment with a post-dated check for the remainder that they will cash next week. This is a huge help considering the estimate for the MRI is now at $1600 (they want to flush some dye through her body in certain areas if necessary and some other thing or panel). It's interesting the way they do it. She will be anesthetized at the vet's, then taken by doggie ambulance with a doc to a people's hospital where they will do the MRI. I'm comforted to know that she is having it done at a human hospital. I would think that the techs would be very good there.

So the contributions thus far are going to enable me to make that down payment on the MRI which is remarkable. It's such a help. I'm going to do my best with raising more with maybe some auctions or some different raffles to cover the rest. And of course stocking the store with more fiber hopefully by Friday or this weekend.

Thank you all once again!!! You people are phenomenal!!

xo Lisa


  1. Oh Lisa, good luck. Let us know how it goes.

  2. You and Poppy are in my thoughts! My kitties send thier best wishes, too.

  3. I hope the MRI goes well and they find some answers. Lots of love.