Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pic of donation yarn

Here's the skein I made to be donated to the Dulaan Project for the 3000in2007 LJ group. Since I'm too busy to knit these days, jpettibone will be knitting up some socks with it for Mongolia. Thanks, jpettibone!

Of course, me being perpetually seduced by color, was about to send her a very bright skein when common sense thunked me on the head and reminded me of where the socks would be going. So, I dyed up something much more subdued and earthy. Colors are bark brown, light golden brown, deep garnet, and a sprinkling of periwinkle. I think they'll knit up to some very cozy Mongolianesque socks. I prefer "socks that can be seen from space", *winks to V*, but I think these are more appropriate for their final destination.

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