Tuesday, June 26, 2007

AaaaaaaaaaaahAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *angelic voices singing*

Yes, I think I hear angels singing, because thanks to the magic of craigslist I turned this:

Into this:

My new toy

Can you hear the angels singing now? I am one happy camper. She's still glistening and shiny new, but I'll have wool on her in no time.

And I also received a 27 pound bumpity bump of Merino today.

Bumpity bump bump

So if the weather cooperates, which means cools the F down, I will be off on another dyeing marathon, this time consisting of Superwash merino sock yarn and merino roving. And some domestic. I hope to have an update by the beginning of next week. Hope so. I am not allowing myself to play with this drum carder until I get through some of this sock yarn. (We'll see how long that lasts.)

A quick note on ordering from Pat Green. They are simply THE BEST!!!!! I have never dealt with a better seller. Shipping was super fast. The item was immaculately packaged. The box arrived undamaged because they used quality packing materials including the box itself and using staples to secure it closed rather than tape. The directions were detailed and easy to follow. ALL parts were securely wrapped and included (sounds easy enough, but I can't tell you how many times I have received items with parts missing). A lovely personalized, hand-written note was sent along. If you have any desire to purchase from Pat Green, rest assured that they are fabulous sellers and it just might be the most pleasurable buying experience you'll ever have.

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