Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mammoth tusk spindle, here I come. Well, in 2009 anyway.

After being sucked into that damn L&V Bosworth spindle thread I decided I *HAD* to have one. Of course, I can't afford one right now. So, the solution? The mammoth tusk spindle which is so rare and nearly impossible to get that it's FREE. At least for 2 years. I spoke with Sheila Bosworth and she told me I have about as much a chance of getting a mammoth spindle as I do of finding a mammoth tusk. Well, I can still hope anyway. The soonest I might even be considered for one, and that's if they figure out the current stability issues with the tusk, is June 2009. Wooohooo! I should have the loot for a gen-u-wine mammoth tusk spindle by then. Oh yeah!!

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