Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twitter has taken over my life

at least for the last 48 hours.

i go through these phases of enjoying social networking and then needing my space from it. right now i'm back to enjoying it. i had no idea how big our fiber community really is and it's been really interesting seeing all the different work people are doing. tres cool.

i'm still waiting on my fiber to arrive. dum-di-dum-dummmmm. i'm so short on fiber that i don't even have any at this point to spin for myself. i don't know what to doooooooo with myself which might account for how much time i've been spending a'twittering.

luna, my oooooooooold dog is still hanging in there, although she has an infection being treated by antibiotics. i have a feeling that these antibiotics may be interfering with her arthritis meds because she has been very wobbly for the past few days and having difficulty getting up. :( i can't wait for this round of antibiotics to be FINISHED.

76 degrees here today. Cray-zay!

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