Wednesday, June 10, 2009

last day with miss luna (from march 19 lj blog post)

26 hours left with my 16 1/2 year old lunagirl. she has an appointment with the vet tomorrow at noon. today we are making the best of it. i purchased some yummy dick van patten's natural balance gourmet foods. this morning was "irish stew", tonight will be "southern style dumplin's with gravy", and tomorrow's breakfast will be "hobo chili with chicken and pasta". she loved this morning's breakfast so i am happy she is enjoying her last meals. also purchased some "human grade" buffalo chew treats. the idea of these totally grosses me out, but she's never had them before so i figure she might as well experience all she can in these last few hours.  

took her for a nice drive this morning where she got some time sticking her head out the window and enjoying the breeze. today is a beautiful day, so i expect her to do a good bit of sunbathing on the deck which she loves.  

i also purchased a big fat stuffed squeaky toy for my other dog, miss poppy flower. she will be given this when i take luna to the vet tomorrow. i am hoping it will make her happy enough to distract her. she has *never* been separated from luna in her 12 years of life and i know she cries if i even take luna outside the front door for a moment without bringing her along. the vet thinks it would be best to not bring poppy to the euthanasia because she is highly intelligent and sensitive (border collie) and it might really depress her and she might associate the vet's office with the loss of her friend. so she will be staying behind.
lunagirl and poppy flower
luna and poppy

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