Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New blog and featured in Spin Off magazine!

I just got finished transferring my old LiveJournal blog entries over to this blog.  Phew!  Glad that's over with.

Not a whole lot to say right now.  Should be dyeing for the update tomorrow.  I'm really low, uber low, on fiber right now and after this is dyed up I'll be lucky to have any for the following update.  My crack dealer, e'hem fiber dealer, is delaying the shipment a bit so I'm in a bit of a bind. 

What else is new?  Ahhhh, I've been featured in Spin-Off magazine's "Get This" section.  I tend to keep things of this nature to myself as I am a wee bit shy in this respect, but I have been encouraged to share, so here it is:

Poppy Flower Fibers in Spin-Off

Lastly, I have finally gotten my website up and running thanks to the wonderful Miss Velvet. She really came through for me at a time when I was ready to throw my computer out the window. My website is very simple. Just the way I like it. Here she is: Poppy Flower Fibers.

That's about it. Really need to dive into those dyepots. Time to crank up the tunes and get to work.

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