Monday, May 26, 2008

Doggie dementia

At first I thought all the late-night pacing antique-dog was doing was the result of the full moon. But the full moon has now passed and yet her late-night pacing has worsened. All night long, which means mom is up with her aaaaaaall niiiiiight looooong. Panting and pacing, panting and pacing. Does she have to go to the bathroom? No. Does she have to drink some water? No. Does she have to eat? No, but will never deny a biscuit. So last night in my frustration, I got out of bed for the umpeenth time and went to the living room to sit down and call the emergency animal hospital. I was concerned that she might be in some serious pain and maybe that was the reason why she was panting and pacing. But as soon as I sat down to make the call she laid down by my feet and relaxed quietly, ready for a snooze. So, I hung up the phone, waited a few minutes, and tried to sneak back to bed. No sooner had I laid down that the dog was again pacing and panting back and forth and around my bed. I again got up, sat down in a chair, and the panting and pacing ceased. So, maybe this dog is not in serious pain. Maybe she can only sleep when she is right at my feet. If she wasn't 70+ pounds I would have thrown her in bed with me. So, this morning I googled doggie dementia and apparently pacing is a sign. Thankfully, there are meds to treat this. I'll be making an appointment with the doc tomorrow and hoping to get her on some quick. For both our sakes. I'm now running on a cumulative of maybe 20 hours sleep for the last week and that makes for a sad and bitchy mommy. Poor dog. She's now over 15 1/2 years old, which is oooooooold for a Lab. I dread the day when that painful decision will have to be made. Deeply saddens me. Man's/woman's best friend she has been.

15 1/2+ year-old Lab

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