Saturday, May 3, 2008

Store update, SALE roving, and some Seacell

I put a few things up in the store today. Some SALE roving, a couple of new colorways, some hand-dyed Seacell and Superwash Merino fiber, and some loose, soft bunny Angora.

And I'm letting go of this one from my personal stash:

i'm keeping this one too!

Ouch! I'm going to miss it but I need to pay the bills, aka The Pusher man, aka my fiber dealer.  I need my fix!!

Thank you for looking!!

edit:  oooooo!  I just got in a bunch of Corriedale just this moment!!  10 pounds of raw fleece!  Thank you Mr. Postperson!  Soon to be dyed up and carded into batts.  And in the next two weeks I have a LARGE shipment of raw Cotswold locks coming that were just sheared less than 2 weeks ago!!  As soon as they arrive I will dye them up and post them to the store.

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