Monday, May 5, 2008

Toilet paper made my morning

It's a great way to start the day when you find toilet paper in your store on sale for $9.99 marked down from $15.99. $6 off!!! Is this really Monday? Aren't Monday's supposed to suck? Not when you get Charmin on the cheap.

After coming home with my huge bundle of TP and after sorting the Corriedale fleece to wash, I had a big DUH moment. My goal is to dye 12 rovings a day, but I usually get overwhelmed trying to think up new colorways. I'm constantly looking around my house, looking at the clothes in my closet, looking at my dogs' collars, to find inspiration for new colorways. Then I thought, "why not just copy my past colorways?". Might sound like the obvious, and I have on occasion done some redux colorways, but this was a huge "Aha!" for me. I feel like a total dork even admitting this because it's so embarrassing. But what a relief!! I no longer have to "force" inspiration or freak out when it's not there. When the inspiration comes I will create new colorways, and when I am not feeling all that inspired I will pull from my old colorways. Phew!! Now I can breath.

Yesterday's colorways drying:


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